Upcoming SME Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in 2024: List of BSE SME IPOs and NSE Emerge IPOs

SME IPO, short for Small and Medium Enterprise Initial Public Offering, refers to a process where private companies categorized as small and medium enterprises seek to raise funds through public offerings. These companies opt to list on platforms such as BSE SME or NSE Emerge. The SME IPO platform serves as an avenue for small and medium-sized enterprises to become listed entities on stock indices. To qualify for an Upcoming SME IPOs, companies must adhere to certain criteria:

(i) their post-issue paid-up capital should not exceed Rs. 25 crores, and

(ii) a minimum post-issue capital of Rs. 1 crore is required.

Investors interested in SME IPOs in India can participate in the process through ASBA or UPI-based IPO applications, or by submitting forms directly to brokers or banks. Below is a comprehensive list of SME IPOs in 2024, encompassing both past offerings and upcoming ones. Click on the respective SME IPO names to access detailed information, including reviews, analysis, allotment status, bidding details, market lot, and insights into the grey market of each SME IPO.

upcoming SME IPOs scheduled for March or April of 2024

Presenting the current list of SME IPOs available in April 2024. Keep yourself updated for the most recent SME IPO listings and seize the opportunity to invest in the thriving SME IPO market.

Upcoming SME IPO Date Size(Rs Cr.) Price(Rs)
DCG Wires and Cables
8-10 April
Teerth Gopicon Limited IPO
8-11 April
Winsol Engineers
Coming Soon
Ramdevbaba Solvent Limited
Coming soon
Finelistings Technologies Limited
Coming soon


  1. What does SME IPO entail?
    • SME IPO refers to the process where private companies categorized as small or medium enterprises raise funds through public issues, subsequently becoming listed on platforms like BSE SME or NSE Emerge.
  2. Is investing in SME IPOs advisable?
    • While the fundamentals of the company may indicate potential, historical records show that only a few SME IPOs trade above their initial offering prices. Before investing in an SME IPO, it’s advisable to thoroughly review detailed information on platforms like IPOWatch.
  3. How does an SME IPO differ from a main-board IPO?
    • SME IPOs are tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises, with the IPO size considerably smaller compared to main-board IPOs. Main-board IPOs typically list on platforms such as NSE and BSE, while SME IPOs are listed on specialized platforms like BSE SME or NSE Emerge.
  4. Can SMEs pursue an IPO?
    • Yes, SMEs can opt for an IPO, provided they meet the eligibility criteria established for such offerings.
  5. What are the prerequisites for SME listing?
    • To be eligible for SME listing, a company should have a track record of at least three years, positive cash accruals from operations for a minimum of three years, and a positive net worth.
  6. How can investors apply for SME IPOs?
    • Investors can apply for SME IPOs based on the finalized categories. SME IPOs typically offer shares to Non-Institutional Investors (NII), Retail Investors, and sometimes Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB). Investors can apply for SME IPOs via ASBA or UPI-based applications, or by submitting forms through their banks or brokers.
  7. What is the process for selling SME IPO shares on the listing day?
    • If trading online, simply access your trading app or broker website, log in to your demat or trading account, and proceed to sell the allocated SME IPO shares. For offline trading, contact your broker to facilitate the sale from your demat account.
  8. How can one subscribe to SME IPOs?
    • Investors can subscribe to SME IPOs through three different methods:
    • UPI – Online: Apply for the IPO through your Demat Account App and approve the mandate in your bank or Google Pay account.
    • ASBA – Online: Log in to your bank account and apply for the IPO via ASBA, providing necessary details such as Demat Account Number and PAN Number.
    • Broker – Offline: Contact your broker to fill and submit the IPO application form on your behalf.

Note for Investors:

  • The upcoming SME IPO Calendar provided is based on information gathered from various sources on the internet; hence, dates might occasionally vary.
  • This information serves solely to inform investors about upcoming SME IPOs with details and does not involve trading or offering any grey market premium or Kostak rates for any SME IPOs.

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